Probate and Estate Administration

Simple Application for a Grant of Probate 

Our fixed fees for applying for a Grant of Probate in straightforward cases are £500 + VAT and disbursements. This fee does not cover any work involved in ascertaining the assets of an estate or any administration duties. It also does not cover cases where a full Inheritance Tax Account (IHT400) is required. 

Probate and Administration Fees 

Like many Solicitors, when dealing with the administration of an estate, we charge an hourly rate, based on the time we spend in dealing with the matter. It can be difficult to provide an accurate estimate of the likely costs at the outset of the matter, due to the many variables which could affect the final figures. 

We are always happy to discuss details of an estate at an early stage, either on the telephone or in person, to ascertain the level of our involvement and give you a realistic and more accurate idea of the eventual charges.  

You will be provided with a detailed cost estimate for approval, prior to the commencement of any work. Our normal hourly rate with regard to Probate and Administration matters ranges from £200 to £300 an hour, dependant on the qualification and experience of the Fee Earner. If something unusual or unexpected arises which could affect our initial estimate, a revised estimate will be issued to you.  

In Estate matters where our firm has been specifically appointed as Executors in the Will, we charge a Value Element, which is a percentage charge on the value of the assets in the Estate. This firm normally charges 0.5% of the cash assets and 0.25% of the property assets. 

Details of fee earners

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